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Partying in my Ugly Christmas Sweater

I don’t know about you all, but I am so excited for the Christmas season this year! There are so many eventful parties to look forward to.  “The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” is one that I always look forward to because of all the silly sweaters everyone gets to wear. Over the years I’ve seen so many kinds and to me they look more creative than ugly. Well I guess it would be considered ugly if you wore it on a regular day, right?

Most people make their sweaters, but these days you can purchase them online, at a thrift store or at a local mall (filled with many department stores). The “Ugly Christmas Sweater” trend has changed so much that it’s okay to wear ugly Christmas shirt as well.

Believe it or not, they are just as cute as the sweaters and perfect for the individuals who live in warmer climates.  Here are a few sweaters and shirts that I can see some of you rocking.

Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater Skating Santas with Lights  (g104)

Deer Ugly Christmas Sweater Tshirt

Wacky Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater Nordic Pullover

It’s always fun to decorate your sweater because that’s a  part of enjoying the holiday spirit.  But it’s understandable that some of us are limited with time.

What do you plan on adding to your sweater or shirt?


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