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This weekend was nice and relaxing.  I had some time to spare which means I caught up on the upcoming events in my city for the next couple of months. I can’t wait to see what each event will inspire to write next.

It doesn’t get cold in Houston much, but when it does Houstonians take advantage of it. We even overdo it sometimes. For example, you might see woman wearing boots if there’s a chill in the air. What can I say? You must know if the forecast consists of the words “cool, cold or cold front” were taking advantage of it!

As much as I love woman’s fashion I give much credit to men’s fashion as well. They don’t have as many options as woman, but they definitely have a lot to work with. I’m sure you can agree that a typical men’s pant or tee today is not the same as it was in decades ago.

For example, the Ralph Lauren Polo has been one of the signature looks in men’s fashion for many decades. Of course there’s nothing like original Polo, but designers of the 20th century have taken it to the next level including Ralph Lauren. Other brands offer polo tee-shirt as well.

Ralph Lauren


Typical Polo styled tee.


Notice how his collar has a striped yellow design along with the enlarged Polo symbol.


This basic black tee also has the enlarged symbol with a number or the right shoulder sleeve.

Express Polo Designs (Fall 2012)






You don’t always have to ware the bold colored polo’s underneath your sweater.


This may be a little bright for some of you, but keep your options open. You’ll never know how good it will look until you try it on. I am a firm believer in that.


Here is long sleeve polo.  This one is a fall must have.

One thing I’ve noticed is the fits of the polo’s. Men shouldn’t have a problem finding a good fit with any of the brands that I mention. With that being said, challenge yourself and try some of the new Polo tee styles that are up to date.

What are some things you’ve noticed that have been altered for the better in men’s fashion over the years?


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