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Ippolita Meet and Greet at Saks Fifth Avenue

Yesterday I attended  the Ippolita Meet and Greet at Saks Fifth Avenue (Galleria Houston).   Ippolita is on tour sharing her Fall and Winter 2012 collection this season.

If you haven’t heard of the “Ippolita collection of Iconic Jewelry,” be very happy that I am introducing it  today. Let me start off by staying that I was VERY impressed with the different  jewelry pieces that caught my eye at yesterdays meet and greet. I found it very hard to choose a particular piece that stood out to me.  After picking out one I called my favorite, another piece caught my eye!

Besides the look of  extravagant  pieces, the comfortable fit  was the second thing I noticed. Know that Ippolita’s  jewelry is handmade  and made to fit comfortably.

Her assistant was nice enough to show me around and tell me about the different jewelry (you can purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue. I snapped a few pictures of some that caught my full attention.  Here are some of the pieces  that would be a great addition to your fall and winter outfits this season.

I took more pictures, but I think you should attend her meet and greet at a Saks near you.


Onxy bracelets and earrings would go great with an evening dress.


My favorite which includes a double layering of the stone. This is the Grappa collection. This one can be worn any time of the day.


Hammered Gold necklace from the Gold collection. I see this being worn with a solid color dressy top.


The Orchid collection.  Anything here can be worn with a casual attire.


Of course I had to try my favorite one on! This is defiantly a grab and go bangle.


The beautiful Ippolita and I.

Check out the celeberties rocking her past collection (I do not take ownership to the pictures below).


Krysten Ritter wearing Ippolita earrings.


Paula Patton with Ippolita studs.


LeAnn Rimes wearing Ippolita earrings.

ImageZone Saldana wearing Ipppolita  earrings.


Kim Kardashian  wearing Ippolita earrings.

Which piece stood out to you? Which piece of jewelry can you see yourself wearing this fall?


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